GodView Transforms All Media Contents To Private 300″ Immersive Experience Anytime & Anywhere. ✔PHONE, SWITCH, PS5, XBOX, PC/MAC, DRONE

Still tethered to the past with an old bulky head-mounted display (HDM) or backpack-sized HD monitor weighing on your mood while working or watching entertainment? You may be feeling dizzy due to the visual ‘melee attack’ of first-gen displays or bothered by curious prying eyes when watching videos in public, or feeling self-conscious like a time-traveler with a bizarre gadget strapped to your head while trying to relax with some multimedia?

Get GodView and set yourself free from old technology for an incredibly immersive visual experience for fun and productivity. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, movie fanatic, or busy commuter looking for an entertainment solution, GodView is a revolutionary solution that delivers an extradimensional experience for multimedia. A next-gen wearable with a perfectly balanced super lightweight, affordable, and stylish design suitable for everyday use.