VH-80SE is a bilateral laser measuring device

VH-80SE shoots two pulses of laser light from two sources in opposite directions and measures the amount of time it takes for each pulse to bounce back to its accompanied sensors. Since light moves at a constant, VH-80SE can calculate the distance between itself and the targets with high accuracy.

 From ancient foot steps to modern laser technology, the measurement tool went through many transformations. But, one factor never changed: the necessity to start from 0 to your destination. 

VH-80SE means you can measure the distance between two points by positioning yourself anywhere along the line of measurement. In complicated working environments, when you need more than two hands or an extra body or two, and there are obstacles in your way, VH-80SE eliminates all of these hassles. 

Two laser diodes mean VH-80SE can take three measurements per single action: the left, right, and total combined. Therefore, when measuring multiple lengths, the advantages of using VH-80SE is exponentially increased, reducing your moves by a factor of three.

As a laser distance measuring device, VH-80SE is capable of handling a variety of operations and works simultaneously with a smart device application for extended functions.

By acquiring two values in a row, VH-80SE can quickly calculate the Area of your space. The movement efficiency of VH-80SE is most highlighted by equations like area and volume because you can acquire the necessary values by just turning your wrist once, instead of traveling and crisscrossing the space.

VH-80SE can acquire the Volume of space with three consecutive measurements. Like the area mode, VH-80SE is powerful for these occasions. With three flicks of the wrist, it’s incredibly easy to finish this task as well.

Quotation Mode automatically calculates how many resources you need. You don’t have to find the formula on the internet and calculate it in your head.

When selecting materials such as paint, paper, tile, or wood for example the required paint volume, area of paper, and number of tiles are automatically calculated, further enhancing the usability of the VH-80SE. Now, you can look like one of the pros.